My method

I, Grigoriy K. Sobko, am the author of a unique treatment technique "E- GKS'. Additionally, my other works include drug formulas for the
The method's technical characteristics:
-method of medicinal radicals;
-regeneration method;
-oxidizing-regenerating reactions;
-no side effects;
-regeneration on cellular, molecular, and genetic levels;
-initial minimal results are apparent after the first day of treatment;
-faith in recovery dominates the patient since day 5;
-vitality and general well-being are restored;
-all clinical labs corroborate positive results;
-my medical formulas can be used in conjunction with pharmacological drugs, as well as independently;
-when stored, guaranteed quality for 10 and more years;
-effectiveness= 100cases(courses)=100 positive outcomes;
-rehabilitation after chemotherapy and radiation; my method allows to rehabilitate in 20 days body systems;organs, marrow cells, central nervous system, cardio-vascular system, liver, stomach and intestinal tract, reproductive urological systems;
-leukemia, lymphoma and myloma (especially, in children);
-lung, rectal, breast, and skin cancers;

All of the above-mentioned cancer appear as a result of the nuclear radiation; in 1986 I was a liquidator at the Chernobyl explosion site, thus. I was directly exposed to the radiation. I've experienced its impact personally. I've studied its impact on my colleagues, soldiers, and how the local authorities and official medicine proved its total helplessness. I've conducted free medical sessions:
-restoration of blood formula and of the hematopoietic organs;
-elimination of toxins, viruses, microbes, Hepatitis A, B, and C viruses;
-thrombus liquidation( especially after surgeries, transplants, replacements, total radio-chemotherapies, after intensive pharmacological therapy);
-diabetes( gangrene, pancreatic cancer);
-drug addictions( mild addictions is treated with 1 course; severe- with 2 course);
-heart, cardio-vascular system- my method allows to avoid such dangerous interventions as bypasses; elimination of cholesterol plaque;
-eczema, psoriasis(genetic hereditary disease). Initial positive results are apparent on the third day of teatment;
-schizophrenia, epilepsy( 1 course provides significant reduction in seizures; mental clarity and social reactions improve).
I would like to have my most effective regeneration method( of medicinal radicals) applied by the Health System. I humbly ask you to assist me in such noble endeavor.

Thank you in advance.
Respectfully, Grigoriy K. Sobko.

Dear Friend!
Simple question - can I quality for a grant of your Fund? On the basis of my method "E-GKS", I would like to, with your help, open the clinic of regeneration for seriously ill children. People taking drugs for 100% of exposing themselves to the risk of cirrhosis (liver cancer) especially cancer of the pancreas. At the right time in the right region I am always ready to fulfill its mission.I ready to cooperation.

Bless God for your noble deeds!

Wishing you the best of health, Grigoriy K. Sobko.
T: 646-264-8150